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Using Moxy for critical power and time to exhaustion during cycling

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The Role of the Metaboreflex In Respiratory Limited Athletes

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Case Study: Adaptation to 5 Weeks of Training - Part 2

Case Study: Adaptation to 5 Weeks of Training - Part 1

Moxy in Research:  Reliability and Validity of the Moxy Monitor

Case Study – Interpretation of Repeat Desaturation Assessment

Assessment – Repeat Desaturation for Team and Multimodal Athletes

Assessment - Occlusion Response to Strength Training

Measuring Skeletal Muscle Oxidative Capacity with NIRS

Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for Research

Case Study: Autoregulation for Sprint Intervals

Is Autoregulation the next step in Athlete Training Optimization?

How to Train an Athlete's Limiter

Analysis of a 5-1-5 Assessment

How to Complete a 5-1-5 Assessment

Using a 4-1-4 Assessment to Identify Bilateral Oxygenation Differences

Moxy Trends at ACSM

Further Identification of Unilateral Imbalances Using Moxy

Identifying Unilateral Differences During Cycling with Moxy

Case Study: Three 3min Critical Power Tests

Could a 3-minute critical power test replace FTP and CP testing?

Case Study: Behind the Rocks Muscle Oxygenation Analysis

Behind the Rocks 30k Recap

The Lactic Acid Construct

Case Study: Monitoring Changes in Oxygen Saturation from Altitude to Sea-Level

Altitude Training: Beneficial or Just Hot (Less Dense) Air?

Case Study 2: Using Moxy to Dictate Power Training, Sets, Reps, and Recovery

Case Study 1: Using Moxy to Dictate Strength Training, Sets, Reps, and Recovery

Improving Endurance Performance by Strength Training

Finding the Limiter with Muscle Oxygen Monitoring to Maximize Athletic Performance

The Relationship Between Oxygen and Phosphocreatine Recovery Kinetics

How to use Moxy to Monitor Warm-up Status

Creating a Proper Warm-Up

Convergence of Moxy and Portable VO2

Convergencia de Moxy y Portable VO2

Moxy and Training Peaks: Putting The Athlete First


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Training Intensity Zones: Muscle Oxygen and the Limiting System

Setting Training Intensity Zones: Muscle Oxygen

Training Intensity Zones: Functional Threshold Power

Determining Training Intensity Zones: Lactate Threshold

Determining Training Intensity Zones: VO2 Max

Determining Training Intensity Zones: Maximum Heart Rate

Determining Training Intensity Zones: Rating of Perceived Exertion

Using Moxy for Walking and Running [Infographic]

My Take on Training Intensity Zones

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Drop Set Weight Training

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What about Myoglobin?

Insight into the 3 Major Macro Nutrients for Athletes

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Hydration for Athletes

The Effect of Mitochondrial Density on Athletic Performance

What is Cardiac Output?

How I think about the Central Governor Model

The History of the Central Governor Model

Cyclists: Compact or Conventional Gearing?

Perfecting the Cool Down

Effective Climbing for Cyclists

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Kona Triathlon Sees Widespread Use of the Power Meter

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Does the Brain Control Running Pace?

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The Difference Between Functional Threshold Power and Lactate Threshold

How to Establish your Functional Threshold Power

Comparing Critical Power and Functional Threshold Power

Managing Training Load with EPOC

Using HRV to Measure Training Stress and Recovery

A Primer on Heart Rate Variability

How Exercise Improves Mitochondrial Function and Slows the Aging Process

Inducing Mitochondrial Biogenesis with HIIT

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Using the Wingate Test to Measure Anaerobic Power

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What Exactly is Lactate Threshold, Anyway?

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