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Meet Staff Physiologist Philip Batterson

Posted by Roger Schmitz on Apr 6, 2023 1:21:10 PM

Philip Batterson is a staff physiologist for Moxy Monitor. He is finishing a Ph.D. in molecular exercise physiology where he explores how muscles (more specifically mitochondria) adapt to dietary and exercise interventions. His master's degree is in biology where he focused on applied physiology and predictors of endurance performance. This where he first used near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to show that NIRS derived skeletal muscle oxidative capacity was the single best predictor of 40km cycling performance in highly trained cyclists

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Meet Staff Physiologist Andri Feldmann

Posted by Roger Schmitz on Apr 6, 2023 1:20:05 PM

Andri Feldmann is a staff physiologist for Moxy. He’s been involved with Moxy since the first prototypes were developed as an extension of the work done by his father, Juerg Feldmann. Juerg was a pioneer of using Near Infrared Spectroscopy for training athletes, using medical versions of the technology before Moxy was developed. As a teenager, Andri was often a test subject of Juerg’s and his constant exposure to Juerg’s ideas led him to pursue studies in sports science and human kinetics at the University of British Columbia.

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Moxy Trends at ACSM

Posted by Roger Schmitz on Jun 8, 2019 9:13:33 AM

We exhibited Moxy at the ACSM Annual Meeting last week and Moxy was everywhere. There were two clear trends.

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Finding the Limiter with Muscle Oxygen Monitoring to Maximize Athletic Performance

Posted by Roger Schmitz on Dec 31, 2018 2:12:42 PM

shutterstock_599697680We often talk about identifying physiologic limiters with Moxy.  We can determine if an athlete is limited by oxygen delivery or oxygen utilization and we can further discern if a supply limitation is due to the cardiac or the pulmonary system.

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Convergence of Moxy and Portable VO2

Posted by Roger Schmitz on Nov 4, 2018 4:04:34 PM

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Convergencia de Moxy y Portable VO2

Posted by Roger Schmitz on Nov 4, 2018 4:03:51 PM

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Moxy and Training Peaks: Putting The Athlete First

Posted by Roger Schmitz on May 18, 2017 11:23:57 AM


Moxy and Training Peaks

For the past few years, leading endurance coaches and serious athletes have integrated Moxy’s Oxygen and Hemoglobin data into warm up, training, recovery and racing protocols with tremendous results.  Realizing the value of Moxy data, these forward thinking men and women often created their own training workarounds whether engaging in-house or online.  

I am extremely excited to officially announce the release of support for Moxy data in Training Peaks and WKO4+ software.  This integration allows athletes and trainers to seamlessly share muscle oxygen data using an industry leading training platform.

This development is the next step in our strategy of expanding the availability of critical and accurate physiological data to an ever expanding base of users.  Since our founding, we’ve taken the position that the Moxy data belongs to the athlete and should be leveraged in ways that are most effective for the athlete and by extension their coach.

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Posted by Roger Schmitz on Feb 6, 2017 1:42:39 PM

Here's an interview I did on the future of wearable fitness trackers for the w

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Denis Šketako: A Practical Success Story

Posted by Roger Schmitz on Feb 24, 2016 8:21:00 AM

Denis Šketako is a Slovenian triathlete that Moxy has recently begun sponsoring. He has been using Moxy with his trainer, Sašo Rupnik, for the past two years. Here is a short email interview with Denis that tells us a little bit more about him and how Moxy fits into his training.

Denis also made a video that shows how he uses Moxy, which you can check out here.  

1. How did you get interested in the sport of Triathlon, and at what distances do you compete?

I have been training for basketball at local club for 14 years, but I couldn’t see the opportunity for being a professional athlete in that environment, so I decided to find new challenges. Working as a lifeguard for a couple of years, I learned to swim pretty well. I also started with some recreational cycling. One day, the word “Ironman” randomly came to my attention, and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. I got beaten by the curiosity and decided to give it a go. In 2011, I finished my first Ironman at the age of 21 in 10h 20min, and last year I finished it in 8h 27min.

There are many variations of Triathlon competitions, depending on the length of each discipline. I find my best performance at long distances, i.e. a full Ironman: 3.8 km swim + 180 km bike + 42 km run. To prepare for these races, I sometimes also compete in a half-distance Ironman called Ironman 70.3.

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Understanding the Quality of Muscle Oxygen Metrics

Posted by Roger Schmitz on Feb 13, 2016 9:35:00 AM

Moxy was the first muscle oxygen monitor developed specifically for athletes. Originally conceived as a possible solution for medical applications like Acute Compartment Syndrome, Peripheral Arterial Disease and Heart Failure, it has been on the market for over two years supporting trainers and athletes globally in their quest to improve sports performance. We’re starting to see competitive devices enter the market; a welcome sign of the market recognizing the usefulness of the technology for athletes. However, it does start to bring up questions about differences between these devices and the quality of their respective muscle oxygen metrics.

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