Case Study 1: Using Moxy to Dictate Strength Training, Sets, Reps, and Recovery

Posted by Phil Batterson on Fri, Jan 18, 2019 @ 09:01 AM

In the last blog post, we explored the benefits of strength training as well as outlining how to implement strength training for endurance athletes. In this post I want to provide a personal case study, as to how I am currently using my Moxy Monitor to dictate an endurance/hypertrophy-based weight lifting session. The first weight training session was completed on Dec. 24th, and consisted of 4 sets of 15-20 reps of lunges, renegade rows, Body weight squats, and weighted lunges with 30-90s rest. You can find the heart rate details on TrainingPeaks - here. The goal of the workout was to push SmO2, (with the Moxy on the right v.lateralis) as low as possible within the 15-20reps then recover, until SmO2 reached a peak and started to come back down. 

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Improving Endurance Performance by Strength Training

Posted by Phil Batterson on Fri, Jan 4, 2019 @ 16:01 PM

Consistent training is one of the hallmarks to success in most sports. This is especially true for endurance sports that require hours of repeated movements to elicit the necessary adaptations for an athlete to excel on race day. When injury occurs, athletes are left sidelined and unable to participate in the sport they love and have invested so much time into. The prevalence of injuries related to overuse in endurance sports is extremely high. With conservative estimations predicting that (19%) of runners [van der Worp et al. 2015], (11.5%) of cyclist [Dettori and Norvell 2006], and (~20%) of triathletes [Zwingenberger et al. 2013], will be injured each year. While there aren’t any promises of a magic pill that could get rid of injuries forever, one simple thing, that most, if not all endurance athletes should be doing regularly is strength training (ST).

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