The First Ever Moxy Monitor Seminar

Posted by Stuart Giere on Thu, Jan 30, 2014 @ 16:01 PM

8601 613183838728794 687624705 nImagine yourself in one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, possibly in
all of North America- Boulder, Colorado. That’s where I was on January 17th and 18th, 2014. The backdrop of the Rockie Mountains (and the beauty of the city) made it the perfect setting for our first ever Moxy Monitor Seminar.

Leading athletic trainers who call this cycling Mecca home invited us to Boulder to hold this very special event. They brought us in to see how Moxy could help them with assessments and training guidance for themselves and their athletes.

Cycling wasn’t the only sport represented. There were athletic trainers from
swimming, triathlon, climbing, and even a sports nutrition expert. We also had
representation from the United States Olympic Committee. We didn’t pull just
from the Boulder area: attendees came from British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec
in Canada; Kansas, Minnesota, and California in the US; and last, but
certainly not least, Beijing, China.

The workshop started with a session where all participants (and new Moxy owners)
got a chance to fire up the Moxy, pair it with the display device of their choice, and
perform some demonstration techniques. The seminar included a Moxy for each
participant, which made it very easy for all in attendance to gain a quick understanding of
how to use the device.

Juerg Feldman, physiology expert and Moxy enthusiast, guided participants through
a series of demonstrations and examples of the device. It was a very engaging
classroom session.

The finishing touch was my favorite part of the seminar, and seemed to really
keep all of our participants deeply engaged. On day two we went to Fascat
Coaching in Boulder and did a live Moxy demonstration on a cycling trainer. When we
asked for a volunteer, we actually got three participants, each with three Moxy
devices placed on them, to participate in the ride.

The cycling session, guided by Mr. Feldman, lasted for about an hour. The other
attendees jumped in to assist with taking a variety of metrics on each athlete; in
the end, all were satisfied that they understood how the Moxy will really help them
coach and train their athletes.

Our final afternoon together was a great success. I personally want to thank all the attendees for taking time out of their busy schedules to participate in this momentous event in the early life of the Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor – without them we could not have pulled it off.


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