Using Moxy for Walking and Running

The benefits of using Muscle Oxygen Monitoring for training are numerus. SmO2 can be used to establish various sport-specific training zones, from intensities of active recovery to high intensity. It can help athletes govern both training intensity and recovery, identifying when the desired level of recovery has been reached and the next set can begin. In short, Muscle Oxygen Monitoring helps runners and other athletes train more effectively.

Moxy Running eBook CoverIn this eBook you will learn:

• The Benefits of Using Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor to Guide Your Training

• Assessment Protocol 1: 5-Minute Incremental Step Test

• Assessment Protocol 2: Physiological Assessment of Homeostatic Disruption

• Four methodologies you can use to apply Moxy to your training regimen

To get the most out of Muscle Oxygen Monitoring with Moxy, athletes, coaches, and trainers need simple, customized training guidance. Using Moxy for Walking and Running introduces an initial set of Muscle Oxygen training protocols designed specifically for cyclists that can still be applied to other endurance sports.