Introduction to Muscle Oxygen Monitoring with Moxy

Whether for training or competition, most serious athletes set goals. To achieve their goals, athletes constantly search for an edge - an honest way to be faster, go higher, finish stronger. The right physiological adaptations can provide such an edge, but often require a serious commitment to many hours of intense training.

Intro to Moxy eBook Cover

In this eBook you will learn:

    • How Moxy Works
    • What Moxy Measures
    • When Moxy can be used: for Assessments and Workout Guidance and in Competition
    • Why Moxy is beneficial for athletes in Endurance, Acyclic, and Strength Sports

In the face of this challenge, athletes, coaches, and trainers need accurate and personalized training guidance, such as that offered by Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor.

A distillation and refinement of our two previous eBooks on the subject, Introduction to Muscle Oxygen Monitoring with Moxy provides a brief overview of how the Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor device works, what it measures, and how it is used in athletic training.

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